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Treat at Work

On-Site Physical Therapy Is
Our Unique Capability

We send an experienced physical therapist who specializes in work-related injuries directly to the worksite to treat the injured worker right in his own work environment, doing his specific job functions. This one-on-one, personalized rehab at work is tailored to each person’s specific job functions, making it more effective. Plus, we also train the worker to move properly so he doesn’t re-injure himself.

Employers get all the advantages of an on-site clinic without the expense. They also save money by eliminating travel and transportation expenses and productivity losses. Compliance is higher because employees find on-site treatment more convenient. The result is accelerated physical therapy that enables workers to return to work sooner.

As part of our service, our therapists also conduct functional capacity evaluations (FCE) for clients. These ‘Fit-for-Duty’ evaluations help our therapists determine when an injured worker is not only ready to return to work, but ready to return to his previous job.


Why Are Our Results So Much Better Than Industry Averages?

  • Our therapist devotes 100% of his time to the injured worker during each session. Our services are always one-on-one and it is intensive hands-on therapy for 45-60 minutes at a time.
  • Because on-site physical therapy is more convenient for injured employees, it reduces the risk of missed appointments. Staying on schedule for treatment means faster healing.
  • Each injured worker’s personalized plan of care includes physical therapy and education on working more safely in the future. Our therapists create the plan of care by seeing first-hand the environment in which the worker got hurt, and then determines a course for healing and injury prevention based on the workplace conditions they observe.
  • Worksite supervisors, nurses, and workers’ compensation managers, as well as all the other stakeholders to a claim, have immediate access to information about patient progress.

All in all, we are uniquely able to provide our client-partners with a new capability which delivers refined, individualized care to injured workers, and improves communication and service levels.

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