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How One Luxury Hotel Chain Saved 30% With Mobile PT

Posted by Danny Sanchez, PT, CEAS on October 18, 2016

Luxury-Hotel-Chain-Saved-With-Mobile-PT.jpgA major hospitality chain reduced their workers’ comp physical therapy costs by a whopping 30%. Don’t you wish you could say that about your company’s experience? Before the change, physical therapy was one of the company’s largest spends, in every region. Now, the hotel giant says mobile physical therapy services have transformed their approach – and their results.Mobile PT is an on-demand service that treats injured workers right at their jobsite. Employees don’t go to an off-site clinic, they go to “work.” The physical therapist comes to them.

How has this hotel chain achieved such stunning results? Read on as we hear from two people on the front lines of this success story. We’re talking to:

  • The hotel chain’s Program Director, who is accredited as an RN and COHN-S
  • Danny Sanchez, PT, CEAS, VP of Operations and Clinical Outcomes and Founder of OnSite Physio 

Question: Why is mobile PT any better than the traditional clinic-based model?

Hotel Program Director: From a cost-reduction perspective, we can keep associates at work while they participate in physical therapy. We’ve eliminated costs for travel, transportation and time away.

Danny: From a physical therapist’s perspective, we want to focus on what makes people better, quicker, without re-injury. That requires early intervention and identifying what the injured worker needs to do on the job, so they can progress appropriately through to recovery. It also requires communication with everyone involved. On-site PT addresses all four factors.

Question: How does mobile PT benefit injured workers?

Hotel Program Director: We’ve seen an uptick in compliance. Employees believe “I can make this appointment,” because it’s easy and convenient. HR and supervisors can see that the employee is going to therapy. Supervisors can easily remind them to head over to their session, if needed.

Danny: Employees benefit because their personal schedules aren’t disrupted like they are with a clinic schedule. Life issues can get in the way, and then they don’t go. With on-site PT, we’re able to focus 100% of our time to that injured worker. You don’t have that benefit in other types of settings.

Program Director, again: Injured workers don’t always think about their physical recovery as a total lifestyle issue. Your job makes you one kind of “athlete.” Your home life makes you a different type of “athlete.” Therefore, what you learn at work [from the on-site physical therapist] affects you at home, too. If you can’t lift 40 pounds, that applies to your kids, groceries, etc. If climbing stairs is off limits, that applies to the school bleachers, too. Plus, the safer movement techniques you learn can be applied across the board.

Question: Why did your hotels switch to on-site physical therapy? 

Hotel Program Director: As I mentioned, physical therapy has been one of our biggest workers’ comp costs, nationwide. We knew there had to be a better way, an alternative to very costly outpatient therapy services. Making the change was so easy, not a lot of extra work or cost. That was a real eye-opener for me. Now, we’re seeing significant positive impact on all our desired outcomes.

Fewer PT visits. Faster return to work. Better outcomes. All with a 30% overall reduction in physical therapy costs. And this hospitality chain’s experience is not unusual. Makes you want to hear more, doesn’t it?

You can. Our two interviewees will present detailed information about the company’s experience with mobile PT at the upcoming NWCD Conference. The session is titled “Emerging On-Site Physical Therapy Treatment Models,” and it is on Friday, December 2 at 10am. Click here for more information. It’s a can’t-miss session for every workers’ comp professional who wants to spend less but achieve more.

In fact, you if you haven’t registered for NWCDC yet, you can save $100 if you sign up by November 28 using the promo code SPK16.
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