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Help Your Hotel Housekeeping Staff Get Healthy And Back To Work Faster

Posted by Mike Wright on September 21, 2015

Help Your Hotel Housekeeping Staff Get Healthy And Back To Work Faster http://blog.onsite-physio.com/workplace-wellness-programs/help-hotel-housekeeping-staff-get-healthy-and-back-to-work-faster @onsitephysio

Prevention is the name of the game when it comes to worker’s compensation. The fact is accidents do happen. The healthier a worker was before the accident the faster they will heal and return to work after. 

Studies show claims for employees who have preexisting  health issues cost more. They are also away from work longer. For example workers who  are identified as obese are out of work thirteen times longer than non-obese claimants.

Educational programs
Knowledge  is power. Hotel Housekeepers bend and stretch their bodies into dozens of different positions every day. Repetitive strain injuries, especially ones to the back and neck, are very common. But these injuries are preventable. Provide education to your workers regarding the best way to perform their jobs. Emphasize that these methods are to prevent injury and make the work easier. Focus on creating a culture that nurtures the success and health of your employees.

Fitness/wellness programs

Emphasize health and wellness among your employees. You can show your support for healthy activities like going to the gym, or quitting smoking. There are many ways to motivate employees without resorting to monetary incentives. You want the focus to be on the healthy change not on a short-term contest or bonus. The goal is to build a community among your workers. If your employees are supported in their efforts to be healthier they’ll be more likely to succeed in it.

Healthy Snacks/Meal options

Most facilities provide vending machines to employees. But what about stocking granola? Or making sure that any cafeteria menu includes healthy eating options? If you can tap into local resources. Locally sourced food can be delivered and either sold or gifted to your employees. They can get fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables, while learning about healthy local food. Show them that there are delicious healthy options available close by.

Ongoing injury prevention and safety reviews

Be vigilant and encourage open conversations about risky environments. If an accident happens study it. Be sure that you review appropriate safety procedures with employees. Emphasize that your first priority is making  people safer. If you show you care about your workers your workers will care about you and your business.

After an injury

There’s no way to prevent all injuries. But still it’s important to reinforce healthy attitudes even among the injured employees. Evaluate the whole health of the injured employee. Look for ways that they can improve beyond their injury recovery. The goal is to get them back better than they were before.

It’s not a huge leap in logic. Healthy workers are better workers. They are happier and more motivated. They are less likely to make choices that lead to accidents or injuries. If something does happen they heal and get back to work  faster. Investing  in a  healthier workforce produces a very healthy long-term return on investment.

Housekeeper in a hotel who is happy about her return-to-work rates

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