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The Pros & Cons of Permanent PT Clinics at Work Site vs. Health Clinics

Posted by Julian Alexander on September 21, 2016

 [See below for info on Marriott and OSP session on "Emerging OnSite PT Models" at NWCDC.]

Back before World War II, Henry Kaiser created on-site clinics for his shipyard and steel mill workers. The clinics served two purposes. They focused on delivering occupational therapy to injured workers. But they also promoted work site safety. These clinics eventually morphed into today’s healthcare giant Kaiser Permanente.

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Do Injured Workers Prefer Outpatient Therapy at Work or In Clinic?

Posted by Julian Alexander on May 09, 2016

What if your injured workers could receive outpatient therapy at work instead of at a clinic? A growing number of employers in many industries are choosing this option for their injured workers. Physical therapy at work is proven to be faster. It’s also more effective. And that is saving employers millions of dollars. But what do injured workers themselves think of this option?

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10 Great Places to Whet Your Whistle in San Diego during RIMS

Posted by Julian Alexander on April 04, 2016

The San Diego Convention Center is surrounded by premiere restaurants, bars and lounges. Attendees of the RIMS convention don't have to worry about finding a restaurant or lounge to satisfy their thirst or craving for a meal. Whatever your favorite may be, the area is sure to have the kind of fare you are looking for.

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Can I Choose My Injured Workers’ Rehab and Physical Therapy Provider?

Posted by Julian Alexander on March 17, 2016

Each state sets its own workers’ compensation laws. Whether or not you can choose your injured workers’ physical therapy provider depends on where you are. Some states allow employers to make this decision. Others allow employees themselves to decide. Does your company take part in a managed health care network? That may also affect your ability to choose a physical therapy provider.

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Today's Workers' Comp System Increases Suffering: Fixing the System for Injured Workers

Posted by Julian Alexander on February 23, 2016

OSP_-_Todays_Workers_Comp_System_Increases_Suffering-_Fixing_the_System_for_Injured_Workers.jpgFor Americans, our work heavily influences our sense of personal identity. We spend much of our time at work. We develop personal relationships with colleagues. In many ways, we are what we “do.” No wonder injured workers often develop a devastating loss of work identity. So says Roger Aurbach.

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Do Ergonomic Solutions Reduce Worker Injuries?

Posted by Julian Alexander on February 16, 2016

Do Ergonomic Solutions Reduce Worker Injuries? http://www.onsite-physio.com/workplace-wellness-programs/do-ergonomic-solutions-reduce-worker-injuries @onsitephysioEvery employer wants to reduce worker injuries, for human as well as financial reasons. One proven way to do that is by applying ergonomic solutions that lower the risk of on-the-job injuries. Do ergonomic solutions really work?

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Add Your Voice to Our Nationwide Survey on Physical Therapy Performance

Posted by Julian Alexander on January 26, 2016

For more than 10 years, we've been hearing how hard it is to get decent benchmark and trend data on physical therapy performance statistics. And what data we can find, doesn't answer our needs.

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Is Your Company’s Pre-Employment Assessment Test Legal?

Posted by Julian Alexander on December 29, 2015


Government regulations affect almost every aspect of your company’s business operations. Many of the most stringent laws govern how you deal with potential and existing employees. As an HR or worker’s comp professional, you have to know the rules. That includes hiring procedures that must comply with ADA and EEOC guidelines. Is your company’s pre-employment assessment test legal?

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