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7 Ways On-site Physical Therapy Lowers Costs

Posted by Danny Sanchez, PT, CEAS on September 29, 2015

 7 Ways Onsite Physical Therapy Lowers Costs http://blog.onsite-physio.com/workplace-wellness-programs/7-ways-onsite-physical-therapy-lowers-costs @onsitephysio

Cost is one primary determining factor when choosing a rehab program. But there's much more to think about than simply the treatment sticker price. How effective the treatment is has a significant impact on the bottom line. Here are 7 ways that OnSite Physio (OSP)saves your business money long-term.

1. Faster Treatment 

Having a therapist on staff means injuries get examined faster and treatment begins sooner. This prevents injuries from worsening before treatment and shortens recovery time. Onsite therapy appointments eliminate travel and wait time. The average time a worker uses to go to a rehab clinic and get treated is 3-4 hours. With on-site physical therapy it's an hour for the appointment and that's it. 

  • No driving to the appointment

    • Saves money on providing transportation if the worker is unable to drive themselves.

  • No waiting for treatment

    • Saves money on lost work time

  • No lost time in transit

    • Also saves on lost work time

Having treatment at the job location helps the injured worker stay connected with the company and their job. This makes it more likely that they will ultimately return to work.

2. Early intervention/prevention

Workers can learn how to best perform their jobs to prevent injuries. They can also learn about the warning signs of strain injuries. And steps can be taken to prevent such an injury from worsening.

Employees who learn how to complete their jobs without putting undue stress on themselves will reduce injuries.

3. Faster Treatment completion

Onsite physical therapy significantly reduces the number of visits per case. In fact it cuts the number of visits by half. Studies show that the average number of visits to an Onsite therapist is 9.5. The national average is 17.1. The conclusion is obvious. Less visits = lower cost for treatment, and fewer indemnity payments. Overall the claim is cheaper.

4. Individualized Treatment

OSP focuses on superior one-on-one focused treatment. Onsite PT ensures that your injured worker gets personalized treatment. Some programs have multiple patients per therapist, with assistants helping out. With OSP you know that your treatment is performed by a licensed professional. You’ll also be sure that the treatment will be specific to the job and the requirements of that job. Having that personalized approach ensures that when the treatment ends, your worker will be fit for work. This reduces the chances of reinjury.

5. Open Communication

You’ll always know where you stand with OSP. The therapist will keep you updated on the treatment of your worker. They’ll tell you the progress made and the expected time it will take to return your worker to health. You’ll know when they’ll be capable of returning to work (Even if it’s only light duty.) and you’ll be able to plan for it.

6. Higher Return to Work Rates 

OSP boast a 95% return to work rate. Which is significantly higher than the national average of 70%. Needless to say having workers come back after an injury is the best possible way to save money all the way around. It cuts down on lawsuits and injury settlements and having shorter claims saves on treatment costs.

7. Lower Reinjury Rates

OSP has an exemplary record when it comes to re-injury. With an OSP program the chances of reinjury are 3%. The national average for re-injuries is 18%.

If the bottom line is your bottom line when it comes to choosing a rehab program OSP has your back. They understand the best way to save money on worker's compensation claims is to provide quick top notch job specific treatment.

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