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2 Outstanding Sessions You Shouldn't Miss at RIMS 2016

Posted by Onsite Physio on April 05, 2016

2 Outstanding Sessions You Shouldn't Miss at RIMS 2016 http://www.onsite-physio.com/workplace-wellness-programs/2-outstanding-sessions-you-shouldnt-miss-at-rims-2016 @onsitephysioWhew! Have you looked through the RIMS Conference catalog? So many tempting talks and workshops to choose among. Far too many for one person to attend, so my colleagues and I plan to spread out and share later. There are two sessions I wouldn’t dream of missing, though -- I’m excited about the topics and the presenters.

Here’s why I’ll be there -- and why I think you should, too.

Overcoming Psychosocial Barriers to Recovery: Is It a Viable Solution? (CLM011)

“Attitude” matters in other things we do, why not recovery from a workers’ comp injury? I’m excited to hear what the experts are saying about overcoming psychosocial barriers to healing. If an integrated, patient-centric approach can work even for large companies, it’s easy to see the potential benefits.  

One of the speakers is Ann Schnure, VP of Risk Management-WC for Macy's. We’re going to hear real-life success stories from her. Personally, I think nothing is more useful than practical examples I can use when speaking with clients. I plan to take plenty of notes.

Mark your catalog: this session is Tuesday morning, 4/12 from 10:15-11:15.

We Can Work It Out: Integrating Millennials into the Workplace (CAD005)

You may be a Millennial yourself, or you may be like me – a professional who’s been in healthcare for a decade or two. We’re all learning together how to welcome younger workers into our midst. Or how to blend in with older co-workers without losing your unique Millennial perspective. It’s not always easy.

This session features two speakers I’m anxious to hear from:

  • Melissa Dunn, who is VP and Managing Director of Helmsman Management Services
  • Stephanie Conner, who is Risk Management Senior Analyst at The Walt Disney Company

You can bet both these women have plenty of insight and recommendations the rest of us can take home and put to work in our own environments. I’m convinced I will come away from this RIMS session a better manager and a better colleague.

Mark your catalog: this session is Tuesday afternoon, from 2-3.

Our goal in risk management is to improve outcomes for everyone. Healthcare and its implications for workers comp are changing so rapidly, it’s tough to stay on top of things. But that’s why we attend RIMS, right?

Let’s Connect and Compare Notes

Look for me at the above sessions. I’m Adele and I'm looking forward to meeting you. Adele_Headshot.jpg

Leave a comment below to let me know which workshop you’re attending and how I can recognize you, too.

Meanwhile, what’s your greatest challenge in integrating Millennials in your workplace? Have you found solutions that work? Please share them below. Which other conference sessions are hitting your hot buttons? Let us know below, so we can get the conversation started before we get to San Diego.

National Benchmark Survey - Onsite Physio

National Benchmark Survey - Onsite Physio

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