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Our Clients

We serve more than 100 clients, including insurance carriers, administrators, employers, government agencies and non-profits. You can expect the same attentive, exceptional service from OnSite Physio, regardless of your organization's size, location, or needs.

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What Our Clients Say About Us

Hospitality Company


"Our savings have been realized by getting employees trained properly so they do not re-injure themselves. This treatment model trains the employee for their specific tasks in their natural job environment, rather than a clinic where everything is simulated."

Miami Dade College

Bob Housholder Director, Risk Management

"We have been very pleased with the Workers’ Comp cost reductions that OnSite Physio has helped us achieve. Their staff has been courteous and professional; but most importantly, they get results – in the last year 100% of our employees on therapy with them returned to work."

Healthcare Company


"Having PT done at the same community where the employee works has been transformational. The worker is happier, we find them more efficient overall and the savings are clearly there."


Case Manager

"With OnSite Physio, you will see better functional outcomes, faster return-to-work statistics, decreased indemnity cost and lost time days."

Seltzer & Associates, Inc

Ron Andrews, RN, CRRN and QRP, Field Case Management Supervisor

"If you look at the comparative cost verses the outcomes and return to work statistics with OnSite Physio, you will no doubt see that you may pay a little more per visit, but compared to the cost of transportation for the injured worker or the longer utilization of services due to the limited time the actual therapist allocates to the client in the clinic, you will see better functional outcomes, faster return-to-work statistics, decreased indemnity cost and lost time days. All of these things I have been reaping the benefits of for the past 5 years with OnSite Physio."

Next Level Administrators

Jessica Biggers, Adjuster

"What I like best about working with OSP is the convenience, timely scheduling and, especially the communication. I like the fact I can contact them when an issue arises. I appreciate how they try and accommodate our remotely-located claimants as much as possible. The referral process has been easier than expected and it’s been a very positive experience for our injured workers."


Grace Kidwell, Claims Adjuster

"OSP provides great service to the adjusters and claimants. They make arranging physical therapy easy. OSP is reliable and convenient and great at maintaining communication with us. We have found the referral process to be easier than expected. It’s been a positive experience for the injured worker."

Our Results Speak For Themselves

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