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Physical Therapy

We also offer injury prevention training and return-to-work programs.

As part of our comprehensive solutions for organizations, we offer various programs that work systemically to reduce injuries, claims, and treatment costs. For example, while treating injured workers on site, we also train them to move properly so they don’t re-injure themselves. We also conduct pre-employment testing (POET) as well as functional capacity evaluations (FCE) for clients. At OnSite Physio, we call this “Fit-for-Duty,” because that is the treatment goal for each injured worker.

Fit-for-Duty evaluations help our therapists determine when an injured worker is not only ready to return to work, but ready to return to their previous job.

On-Site Physical Therapy

What’s so different about OnSite Physio?

We offer a smarter approach to treating injured workers. We send an experienced physical therapist who specializes in work-related injuries directly to your worksite. On-demand, only when you need it. Your employees don’t waste time traveling back and forth to some clinic. Instead, our therapist can treat them right in their own work environment. Then our therapist leaves and your worker gets right back to being productive.

Rehab at work can be a big money-saver for your company. It eliminates expensive travel time, reduces costly productivity losses, and brings the worker physically back to work for treatment. OnSite Physio’s therapy sessions at your workplace are the first step to a return-to-work (RTW) program. Your indemnity spend stops right then and there. And because on-site physical therapy focuses on specific job functions, your workers don’t just get better, they are able to do their job better — more safely and productively — in the future.

Why Are Our Results So Much Better?

  • Our therapist devotes 100% of his or her time to your worker during each session. At typical outpatient clinics, therapists can be distracted by having to juggle multiple injured workers at the same time, all with different types of injuries.
  • On-site physical therapy is more convenient for injured employees, so it reduces the risk of missed appointments. Staying on schedule for treatment means faster healing.
  • Each injured worker’s personalized plan of care includes physical therapy and education on working more safely in the future. Our therapists create the plan of care by seeing first-hand the environment in which your worker got hurt. And they determine a course for healing and injury prevention based on the workplace conditions they observe.
  • Workers’ comp managers have immediate access to information about patient progress. We also manage the workers’ comp physical therapy claim for you, start to finish. This means we: 
    • Schedule the worker's initial evaluation and therapy sessions
    • Actively work to reduce the number of visits per referral
    • Communicate with adjusters, nurse case managers, physicians, the worker, and other participants in the claim.
All in all, we do everything to provide the highest level of service to our clients and their employees.

How this helps your organization

Customized one-on-one treatment at your workplace builds patient trust, improves compliance, and improves return-to-work time statistics. Your organization benefits through:

  • On-demand services - Our therapists make house calls to your workplace or to the injured worker’s home only when you need them. You get the benefit of an on-site clinic without actually having an on-site clinic.
  • Lower costs – You save money when rehab can be completed with fewer treatments. OnSite Physio patients average 9.5 physical therapy visits compared to the national average of 17.1 sessions.
  • Better results – We have a 95% return-to-work rate compared to 70% national average.
  • Fewer repeat injuries – Our clients average a mere 3% vs. an 18% national average. That reduces claims and costs over time.

How this helps you

OnSite Physio is your one-stop partner for reducing workers’ comp claims and expenses. Nationwide. That means you have one point of contact, who manages your injured workers across all your locations. With that you get increased transparency, ease of use, and greater accountability. You can expect to know a lot more about your injured workers and their claims, while doing a lot less work.

We have successfully performed tens of thousands of treatments for workers throughout the U.S. in hospitality, manufacturing, solid waste management, and many other industries.

We fully manage the claim from referral to discharge. We also keep you informed throughout the entire process.

Our goal is simple: make your life easier.

Choose On site physical therapy

Return-to-Work Programs

Improve your Return to Work RatesBecause we make an effort to understand the cause of an injury, we educate your employee on how they can avoid reinjuring themselves when they go back to work.

As part of a return-to-work program, employers often request a functional capacity evaluation (FCE). Traditional FCE is a standardized test anyone can take. OnSite Physio's process for a Fit-for-Duty evaluation can substitute a POET for a generic FCE. In doing so, it can produce superior results while dramatically reducing costs.  We evaluate each injured worker’s return-to-work progress based on their own personal post-offer employment test (POET) baseline. Learn more by downloading our POET Special Report

Post-offer employment testing helps you prevent injuries by hiring the right people in the first place, and it helps us provide optional physical therapy should someone become injured.

Work hardening and work conditioning

Work hardening is a multidisciplinary process that is usually applied to workers who have had catastrophic injuries. Work hardening sessions typically last several hours.

A work conditioning program is more specific. Sessions usually last an hour and focus on physical job functions so employees can return to work as quickly as possible.

Because we take a comprehensive approach to each injured worker’s treatment, we often include some “hardening” components as part of our regular physical therapy and conditioning process.

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