Are you having trouble getting information about your worker’s physical therapy? Make dealing with workers' comp injuries less painful and expensive.

Download the special report "22 Questions Hotels Should Ask About Physical Therapy Programs"

Take greater control over your hotel's workers’ comp programs before they start. Discover the answers you need to achieve better, more predictable outcomes.

In this special report, you'll learn:

  • What you need to know about each employee’s physical therapy treatment plan
  • What to ask about their recovery process so you'll know when they’ll be back
  • How to ensure their treatment is appropriate for the injury and the job
  • How you can be confident they’re truly fit for work without danger of reinjury

This checklist of questions will give hotel's workers comp directors and human resource personnel the exact questions to ask to make sure their company is paying for the right treatments. Download this complimentary report by filling out the form.