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About Us


We’re your working partner for on-site physical rehabilitation services, post-offer employment testing, worksite injury prevention programs, and comprehensive claims management. Our end-to-end on-premise solutions results in a dramatic reduction in injuries, turnover, workers' comp claims, and treatment expenses. We deliver much better clinical outcomes and an average 25% higher return-to-work rate as well as regular reporting that keeps you informed. 


OnSite Physio seeks to be the premier workers’ comp claims and costs reduction partner to clients by leveraging a corporate culture built on the principles of clinical excellence, premier service, social responsibility, hard work, collaboration, mutual respect, and utmost integrity.



Why is your job so much easier when you work with OnSite Physio? Our people. Not only do we have outstanding physical therapists, our entire management team is just as dedicated to helping you reduce workers’ comp claims and costs, prevent injuries, and hire the best people for each job. We want you to think of us as a valuable working partner when it comes to workers’ comp issues.


Our key team members have broad, deep experience in therapy services, benefits management, and quality control. We work together to ensure we’re communicating with you clearly and giving you the best possible service in every other way. 

Julian Alexander
Julian Alexander

Chairman and CEO, Julian is passionate about healthcare and changing workers' compensation management to save our customers money. His grasp of all things financial allows us to innovate and grow.

About Me
D Sanchez Headshot 2017.jpg
Danny Sanchez

As VP of Operations and Clinical Outcomes, Danny uses his 15 years of experience as a physical therapist to ensure that you and your injured workers receive the highest quality service.

About Me
Brian Sandusky

As VP of National Provider Recruitment and Development, Brian's focus is to find, recruit, and develop all-star physical therapists to deliver constantly-improving best practices for your injured workers.

About Me


The Evolution of a New Treatment Model

Changing to Meet Client Needs

OnSite Physio began in 2005 in south Florida, providing physical and occupational therapy services to a select group of local clients. Our initial service model combined on-site and off-site treatment. However, we quickly discovered that delivering services at the client’s location produced greatly improved clinical results for injured workers and significantly lowered costs for their employers.

OnSite, Nationwide

To help clients capture those double benefits — better results and lower costs — we gradually shifted our business model to emphasize on-site services. Over time, we also expanded our services nationwide, enabling us to treat patients at all our clients’ locations and even at injured workers' homes.

Rehab, Injury Prevention, and Benefits Management

Today, we are proud to provide exceptional physical therapy services that are 100% on-demand and delivered on site to your injured workers throughout the US. We offer a range of testing and injury prevention services. We can act as a comprehensive benefits manager for our clients. We partner with companies of all sizes, across all industries especially hospitality, manufacturing, and solid waste management.