Your Mobile Physical Therapy Partner
Your Mobile Physical Therapy Partner

We bring our therapy to your injured worker, OnSite and on target

OnSite Physio’s preferred therapy supply organization

Services Overview

OnSite Physio is a full-service rehabilitation provider specializing in the treatment of injured workers. OnSite Physio can provide OnSite therapy services to injured workers throughout the United States.

OnSite Physio brings together over 65 years of healthcare and rehabilitation industry expertise. Headquartered in Jacksonville, FL – OnSite Physio delivers innovative care for both public and private organizations.

OnSite Physio remains dedicated to growth and innovation while expanding into markets throughout the United States. A unique delivery model, rock solid administrative infrastructure and impeccable customer service have gained OnSite Physio a reputation in the workers compensation industry for saving companies money and returning the injured worker faster than the traditional in clinic process.