One of the biggest unnecessary costs of therapy services for injured workers is travel. On average, it takes your worker one and a half hours to travel to and from an off-site therapy clinic. You’re paying for their time and mileage on top of physical therapy – over and over, for every session. That can add up fast!  

    We eliminate all travel charges and wasted time back and forth — because your workers receive treatment at their work siteProviding rehab at work is just one way we partner with clients in industries such as hospitality, manufacturing, and healthcare to reduce workers’ comp claims and costs. Our innovative approach to therapy and claims management is more efficient. Plus your employees get customized care that helps prevent repeat injuries.


    You need your injured worker back on the job as soon as possible. And that’s what they want, too.

    We work with you to provide accelerated physical therapy services to get injured workers back to work sooner. How can we do that? We specialize in treating workers’ comp injuries. And our qualified physical therapists work with each injured worker one-on-one for the entire hour-long session, at your location. We also ensure that your employee is treated according to the prescribed care plan, which results in faster recovery. Because your injured workers are conveniently treated on site, they don't waste time searching for the proper care themselves. 

    In an off-site clinic, one therapist may be juggling three or four injured workers with different therapy needs at the same time. Our personalized, job-focused approach produces better results with fewer treatments, at significantly lower cost to you. It also helps you reduce the number of future claims. 


    Every workplace injury is different, but your treatment goal is always the same – get your people back on the job fast. However, a therapy program is truly successful only if the treated workers can return to work quickly and remain on the job without re-injuring themselves in the same way. Some therapy providers don’t look at why patients are re-admitted. At OnSite Physio, we focus on preventing costly repeat injuries. 

    We deliver outstanding physical therapy services directly to your injured worker, one-to-one, at their location. We combine functional physical therapy with job-specific education, teaching injured workers how to prevent future problems by working smarter and more effectively. Not only do you get more productive results, you save money on future workers’ comp claims because your workers have fewer repeat injuries. 


    What if you could get better, more reliable physical therapy results for your injured workers? Our therapists provide rehab at work rather than in a clinic. That’s more convenient and more cost-effective. Patients receive focused, individualized treatment plus training to help them prevent re-injury in the future. It all adds up to reduced workers’ comp claims and costs. 

    Specialized, accelerated physical therapy, fewer repeat injuries, and lower costs are all good. But what you really need is your injured worker back to work and being productive. Our one-on-one treatment approach at the worker's actual job site ensures just that. Your worker feels cared for and valued. This produces better results, and our high return-to-work rate proves it: we return injured employees back to full-time status 25% more often than the average provider.

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